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About us

We are very proud to be celebrating over 7 years on Didsbury High Street as one of the most popular and successful independent opticians in Cheshire.

In our short time we have developed one of the most exciting spectacle and sunglass collections available in the UK. And, through our well established relationships with all the best Optical manufacturers, we have access to most of the world's finest frames.

Our fully qualified optometrists, Gary Lesser, Nicolette Marsden and Georgina Kendrick are here to make sure you achieve perfect vision and along with Mark Scott the General Manager and our experienced team of dispensers, Emily, Sandy, Jo, Lyn, Laura & Marie are at hand to help you choose the perfect frames. Our main aim is to make sure you leave our shop looking good, feeling happy and with perfect vision!

Our full Optometric services including Cataract assessment and direct referral, Diabetic Screening, Glaucoma screening and Ocular hypertension referral refinement, Paediatric Optometry from 2 years old and full Contact Lens consultation clinics with the latest available contact lens products.

We are proud to provide expert eyecare in the heart of Didsbury and welcome you all to our practice. Please come in and meet our team or call for any information and to make an appointment.


Fantastic Ranges to Choose from

  • Kaleos Eyewear
  • starck Eyewear
  • Lindberg Eyewear
  • Chanel Eyewear
  • Lindberg Eyewear
  • Ray Ban Eyewear
  • Miu Miu Eyewear
  • Dior Eyewear
  • Booth and Bruce Eyewear
  • Tom Ford Eyewear
  • Reykavik Eyes Eyewear
  • Persol Eyewear
  • Moscot Eyewear
  • Orgreen Eyewear
  • maui-jim Eyewear
  • kreuzberg-kinder Eyewear
  • oliver-peoples Eyewear
  • gotti Eyewear
  • feb-31st Eyewear
  • andy-wold Eyewear
  • gio-ponti Eyewear
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