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Eye Examinations

An eye examination not only checks for a prescription but can also detect the development of problems such as glaucoma, retinal detachment and cataracts. Certain general health problems can also cause eye problems and can be detected through an eye examination. Diabetes & raised blood pressure are just two examples of this.

Medical Eye Care

The importance of regular eye examinations cannot be over emphasised. Early detection of eye problems will often make them much easier to be treated. This is especially true of glaucoma, which if undetected can lead to blindness due to damage to the optic nerve. Therefore everyone over 40 should have a regular eye examination and particularly so if you have a relation with glaucoma.


Many people, both children and adults that have reading difficulties can be helped by special attention to their eye sight. This help can be in the form of exercises, glasses or specially tinted spectacles.

Low Vision Aids

These are often seen as strong magnifiers, however there are nowadays many different types of aids available. They are also not just for people with serious eye problems. Special magnifiers can help with sewing, threading needles, tying flies (for fishing) in fact anything that requires fine detail close up.

They can also be used to improve television, when ordinary spectacles aren't quite good enough. If you think you have a problem, or know someone who does, please contact us for more details.

Tear Clinic

Many people can suffer from dry or watery eyes. There are now many options available to help with these annoying problems. From advice as to the best eye drops and how to use them, to helping to make the most of the tears that you have


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